This is my sons favorite app! It is the best educational app I have found for kids this age.

– jnnsmith

We love Reading Raven so much. This app helped my son to read very quickly. The various applications made it fun and engaging, giving him many ways to learn. I wish they would continue their app beyond the 5 levels.

– willsmama

My 5 year old went from arguing about learning sounds to reading small sentences in 2 weeks. Thank you. This app was just what we needed to get past the initial rebellion.

– Prego4

An awesome app that breaks down the fundamentals of reading! My three year old loves it. Great sticker rewards!

– Tyler’s Dad 2009

I am not one to write reviews, but my daughters reading development over the past week left me no choice. This app is simply amazing. Not only is it gorgeous (which I appreciate) but it is so logically put together and engaging that she just can’t get enough of it. She essentially went from knowing how to read Mom and Dad, to going through the simple sentence structure in a matter of days. The lessons are straightforward and build upon each other using the same multifaceted lessons (matching, sounding out, tracing letters, completing words, etc) for each level so that while the content is getting more challenging the format stays familiar. This is the way you do
learning made fun. This is why I bought an iPad, and fulfills the promise of apps as an educational tool. Kudos to the developers. A job very well done.

– ktgerg

We’ve tried many programs and this is the first ever to actually help Jasmine get a firm grasp on reading and its mechanics. I would definitely recommend this to anyone!

– Sharuke

My son has a learning disability and a joint disorder that keeps him from being able to handle normal school routines (memory issues, can’t write, etc). This app has helped him tremendously with the phonics and reading he has struggled with this year…all in a format that doesn’t strain his hands. We just downloaded RR2, and hope to see more wonderful additions in the future!

– Morrisinal

My daughter is in kindergarten and loves playing this game. She especially loves the section where she reads sentences of words she worked on and it records her voice. Very fun

– Mommy145

This app taught my child to read! He loved every minute of it. It is so incredibly well designed to do just that: teach a child to read while having fun. The sticker rewards add to that fun. Please, more apps, developer. We are hooked.

– Heureusemaman

This app is amazing! Both myself and my husband love to see our son using this application. Not only does this help build phonics skills, it also helps to build letter recognition and writing skill. Reading Raven has been perfect for our kindergarten student! I highly recommend this for the beginner reader!

– Carrie+3

My daughter has several learning disabilities and I have struggled finding a curriculum to help her learn to read. I am amazed at how well she is now reading and taking the time to sound out the words. I just wish there was another level because we love it so much.

– Nehew

My son (who was 4 1/2 at the time) started using this app and it has really helped him sound out words as he progresses in his ability to read. I have, and will continue to, recommend this app for kids learning to read.

– Dad of 4; elementary principal

Reading Raven offers a highly structured and scaffolded phonemic awareness environment that benefits non-readers and early readers alike. It’s is an app that offers repetition for those who need it and upward movement for those that catch on more quickly. The settings page allows the adult to adjust the amount of information the child is receiving and ensures that frustration levels stay low. My three and five year olds both enjoy playing at their own levels. I have definitely seen an increase in letter name and sound recognition over the last couple of weeks that we have been using this app. Definitely worth the purchase!

– 3kids3pets

My kindergartener is very smart and I feel like of games don’t challenge her but I don’t want to push her. This game goes at her own pace, motivates and challenges her. She loves it! Thank god tools like this exist to help parents educate our children and be involved. You can even set the game to work on skills that need improvement and eliminate lessons that teach skills they have already mastered. You have to know what they have already learned in school etc. This app could help parents ask the right questions and really make a home school connection. So important. It’s our job as parents to be the leaders of our child’s education. Reinforce what they are learning at school, supplement what’s missing and talk to your children about what they like and how they feel. This doesn’t come easily sometimes. Trial and error. Something will work e eventually. Ask god for help. Do what feels right and do it with love:) enough said……thank you reading r

– 463963

Excellent application that combines game play with reading and rewards! My 4 now 5 year old plays / learns with it throughout her skill growth. She loves the part where you can record yourself reading a word out loud, and giggles back at the recording. Its really helped her along the process.

– DanM_WI

I’m a mother of 2year 9mth old toddler. She’s is just a restless toddler who love to keep herself busy with games to play, books to write and many more. With Reading Raven, she has shown a different shade of enjoyment that she’s been delighted, not only for a day but everyday. Educational apps such as Reading Raven not only help children to read, listen, write and recognize but also to focus! We might overlook that focusing is vital in every day’s life of learning especially in the early stages of child development. Focus is needed for the children to learn right as they are having high anxiety and energy to endeavor more something new. Not to forget to mention, this apps is a fun way for not only the kids, but parents to join and observe their kids progress. You will also find your kids ask you to help (ask for attention) her that he or she’s actually showing that he or shes’s excelling. Download the apps then you will find your kids will enjoy with building-up confidence.

– Siti Jaaf

The quick version: this is the most impressive reading app I have ever seen (and we own a LOT of educational apps).

We are a house of readers (I am a former English teacher turned lawyer, etc.). My older daughter daughter requested reading lessons from me at age 3. I got the Bob Books, a few parents’ guides for teaching reading, some other learn to read primer sets, and we were off to the races. By the time she started kindergarten she was reading easy chapter books independently (Magic Tree House, etc.). My younger daughter, however, is now four but hasn’t been interested in sitting down and doing reading lessons like my older daughter. She likes playing educational apps, but most of the ones that teach reading skills are too easy, too hard, or too boring, and none of them really break down the steps of teaching reading into manageable lessons the way this app does.

We downloaded this app yesterday and it was like flicking a switch. She finished the first lesson and (against my wishes, I don’t want her to burn out/try to cram too much at once) insisted on starting the second lesson. Then I took her upstairs, pulled out the first Bob Book, and she was able to read it to me without much difficulty at all. Amazing! I am so, so impressed with your app: the quality is terrific, the activities are engaging, and my daughter is actually learning to read from playing it. Thank you so much! Wow!

– Falafelchickpea

I have never written a review because I have never felt strongly enough to put my opinion on line. However, this app is fantastic. I am having each one of my children in my classroom go through all five levels. I cannot say enough wonderful things about it!

– funteaching

I am a teacher that is in l-o-v-e with Reading Raven!! The different lessons makes it easy for me to set up children at their individual ability levels. I like how positive reinforcement and feedback is built right into this app. The various reading skills that are incorporated into this interactive game helps to hold their attention and make reading fun! I cannot say enough positive things about his app. The developers were definitely in tune to core standards and teaching techniques when this was created. A big shout out to A4cwsn for connecting me to Reading Raven 🙂

– Autismteach

This app taught my child to read! He loved every minute of it. It is so incredibly well designed to do just that: teach a child to read while having fun. The sticker rewards add to that fun. Please, more apps, developer. We are hooked.

– Heureusemaman

As a teacher & a parent, I can tell you that this is a great way to get kids on the way to reading. My 4 year-old son is starting to read now and loves this app!

– E.English

As an SDC teacher this is my go to reading app, it covers a huge range of skills and is extremely engaging!

– SDC Teacher

This is a very good app for kids moving from understanding letter sounds to beginning reading. I like how it integrates vocabulary, phonemic awareness, spelling, and reading.

– by Pdx teacher

This app is really well designed from both a user experience and curriculum standpoint. Very impressive!

– by Current Teacher

I am a preschool teacher and love this app! Kids learns so fast and they have a lot of fun while doing it!

– by Whydidibuy

As a mom and early childhood education professional I am very impressed. I had literally gone through dozens of learning apps and been disappointed every time. This app doesn’t condescend to my child, but takes into account that he is growing up in a technological age. It is quick to learn, easy to navigate and my son doesn’t need me to babysit him through it, although it is fun for both of us to work together. After his first few minutes playing with the app, he was putting together sounds and working on sight words. This is a life saver during car rides or grocery trips that I don’t feel guilty about. Totally worth it!

– Broccolimcgee