Reading Raven For iPad 1.0 Press Release


Early Ascent Releases Reading Raven for the iPad.

Learn-To-Read App Provides Self-Paced Reading Adventures for Children Ages 3 to 7.

SEATTLE, Wash. – February 7, 2012 – Early Ascent, LLC today announced the release of Reading Raven, an interactive and multi-sensory learn-to-read educational game, available in the Apple App Store. Reading Raven provides a structured and engaging learning experience for children ages 3 to 7, which will help them build a solid foundation for reading. The lessons use a proven step-by-step phonics-based approach that helps young learners become independent readers and spellers.

Each Reading Raven lesson is carefully designed to be self-paced. Children progress from learning foundational sub-skills, including letter recognition, letter tracing, word building, and word recognition, to reading words aloud, writing words, and reading whole sentences and even small stories.

“This is the first iPad app I’m aware of that takes children all the way from basic pre-reading skills to reading sentences in a way that’s not only fun and engaging, but also richly multi-dimensional,” said Scott White, founder of Early Ascent. “In the same way that achieving overall physical fitness requires targeting a wide range of conditioning exercises and muscle groups, learning to read proficiently requires mastering a wide range of reading sub-skills that each build on one another.”

With the Reading Raven companion guiding them along, children will encounter fly-eating frogs, caterpillars that turn into butterflies, circus acrobats, ball-balancing seals, underwater sea creatures, snow monsters, flying penguins, space robots, rhyming rockets, and a whole lot more.

“The initial reaction to Reading Raven from our beta testers and initial customers has been extremely positive. There’s nothing more exciting for a parent or teacher than seeing their child’s face light up when she hears the playback of her own voice reading a sentence, or when she receives recognition for correctly tracing one of her first letters,” continued White. “I’m honored to have such a talented and passionate team working to build a great product that serves such an important need.”

Reading Raven, priced at $3.99, includes five extensive lessons, each containing about a dozen types of skill-building activities, with hundreds of individual activities in total. The activity selection can be customized to each child’s age or reading level. Parents and teachers will find the multi-sensory and interactive learning games to be a great complement to traditional classroom and home-based reading instruction. Find Reading Raven in the Apple App Store where it currently ranks among the top 100 educational apps in four countries and top 200 in the US after only three days.

Screenshots, a parent/teacher guide and a brief video can be found in the Media Kit. More information about Reading Raven is available at

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Early Ascent, LLC is a small early stage company focused on creating innovative learning adventures for young children.

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